Games Like Minecraft – Free To Play Online

minecraftIf you are looking for some free games like Minecraft, you are lucky because our staff has compiled a list of nearly 10 online games you would probably enjoy. The original game is a sandbox-building video game created by Mojang where players build constructions out of cubes in a 3D world. The game is mostly revolved around creativity and building. The world within Minecraft is mostly made of cubical blocks which represent different materials such as stones, trees, dirt and so on.

While the players can move freely within the Minecraft game world, objects and items can only be placed at fixed locations. The player can gather these blocks within the game if they wish and place them elsewhere, thus creating unique constructions and basically being the creator of their entire game world. Minecraft also offers a unique mulitplayer game type that is amazing.  If you haven’t tried it then why wait any longer!

Best Free to Play Games like Minecraft


robloxRoblox is an online virtual world/sandbox game where everything in it was designed and constructed by individual members within it. Roblox is exactly like Minecraft and the features are virtually endless for its users. When you start, you are given a unique piece of game real estate that is undeveloped so you can do whatever you want with it!

Roblox has an online virtual catalog with virtually everything in it that any Roblox user has created. Any new player can use the items within this catalog towards their creations or build new items themselves if they so choose. The community within this game is truly amazing and help is given whenever it is needed.

This is easily one of my favorite games online and the great thing about it is you can even create your own virtual mini games exactly like you would create an item or fortress. After the mini game is created, you and anyone else can play it.

Features of Roblox

  • Unique character customization
  • Visit other users’ 3-D virtual places
  • Thousands of mini games to play, all having a unique design
  • Ability to construct up to 100 places
  • Insert your own scripts to add functionality to your places

Eden World Builder

eden: world builderThis is a sandbox game found online that is just like Minecraft but not as many features. Eden World Builder is an open-ended simulation game where players create their own world from the ground up. Think of it as a cut down and trimmed version of Minecraft if you will.

Features of Eden World Builder

  • Unique, beautifully generated worlds to explore, build, and destroy
  • Dozens of block types including ice slides, water, lava, glass, ladders, TNT, trampolines, vines, and ramps
  • Painting: color any block with a touch
  • Ability to share your creations and explore new worlds within the game
  • Unique controls designed for multitouch

Manic Digger

manic diggerManic Digger is an open source clone (if you will) of Minecraft. In my opinion it doesn’t have as good of graphics as the original, but Manic Digger is a game similar to it with the same concepts and features. If you are looking for an alternative game that is easy to play with some unique features added then this is your pick.

Features of Manic Digger

  • Fully customizable textures
  • Multiplayer and single player game modes
  • Open source and free to play
  • Unique monster editor

Ace of Spades

ace of spadesAce of Spades is a game where Minecraft meets Team Fortress which is probably considered one of the biggest online multi-player hits in the last few years. You can build your own terrain, bunkers, and other defensive positions, but while you are doing so, watch your back because there is also a team vs team battle going on. You can play it as without battling or as most people play, as a first person shooter. It is your choice!

Features of Ace of Spades

  • Build anything – defensive positions to fortresses
  • Use your spade to dig through terrain – make trenches or tunnels
  • Massive maps with lakes, rivers and tunnels
  • Realistic rifle, shotgun and SMG including ironsights and recoil
  • Up to 32 players battling simultaneously
  • CTF or Territory Control game modes


cubelandsCubelands is a 3D multiplayer online game that allows players to build their very own virtual world directly in their browser. This game is free to play and really allows you to build anything out of cubes. It is very similar to all the above game and is a great free alternative.

Features of Cubelands

  • Creativity for all ages
  • Statistics of your building are kept
  • Set textures individually
  • Completely free to play game but does need to be downloaded

All in all those are some of the top alternatives for minecraft we have found online which you can play for free. However if you have some games that you think we should add to the list just let us know by leaving a comment in the section below. Our staff is constantly looking for new games to add to our list and we try to update this article often, so leave us a comment and we can add your suggestions to to the list!