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Games Like Moshi Monsters – Free To Play Online

moshi monsters gameLooking to play some games like Moshi Monsters? We have the perfect list for you to check out then. Moshi Monsters is a social networking online game and virtual pet site mostly for kids aged 7 to 12. Players simply adopt the pet of their choice and care for it through all aspects of its life. It is completely free to play and has a wide variety of features for its users. The one feature that sticks out for most kids is the huge range of puzzles available. Playing these puzzles is one way that players care for their monsters. Playing these puzzles also rewards players with virtual currency called Rox. Rox can be used to buy items for the players monsters such as food, furniture, toys and even treats.

Over time, moshi monsters increase in level which allows them the ability to visit new locations within the virtual world as well as earn all kinds of rewards. It also features a chat system that is fully secure and allows players to chat with one another. With it becoming so popular, many other virtual pet games have been released with many of the same features, the main one being taking care of your own pet.

The list below are all similar to Moshi Monsters whether they are virtual world games with tons of activities for its users or nurture your pet games. Most of them are for kids from the ages of 5 – 15 but can be played by virtually all ages. All are safe and secure as well.

Top Free To Play Games Like Moshi Monsters


neopetsNeopets is a virtual pet game which allows the creation of virtual pets that inhabit the virtual world of Neopia. Players simply create a free account and can take care of up to four different virtual pets. Taking care of these pets consists of buying them food, cloths, toys and other accessories such as treats or miscellaneous items. These are bought using the virtual currency which is earned through completing mini tasks within Neopets, trading, winning contests that are being held as well as other activities.

Features of Neopets

  • Number of ways to earn Neocash including a stock market
  • Vast amount of mini tasks to play including puzzle, action and 3D life games
  • Each user is given a customizable profile page
  • Tons of Neopets to choose from
  • Ability to care for up to four Neopets at one time


powerpetsPowerpets is a virtual pet site for young children where players can choose from over 60 different species to adopt a pet from.  This game is similar to most all other virtual pet sites in the sense that not only can you take care of and nurture a pet but you can also play mini games and do other activities within the Powerpets world. Gaining Powerbucks is very important for this is what is used to buy food and other items for your pets. Players can also purchase land and build houses on them if they desire to do so.

Features of Powerpets

  • Up to 10 uniqe worlds to explore
  • More than 60 species of pets to choose your pet from
  • Wide range of quests and mini games to participate in
  • Safe and secure pet zone chat
  • Customize your pets look to remotely whatever you want
  • Ability to build houses and other buildings

Chicka Pets

chickapetsChicka Pets is another virtual pet game out there for young children to adopt and nurture a pet online. In this friendly community atmosphere, players can customize their pets look as well as play a variety of flash games through the site. Chicka Pets features a vast world to explore with countless items for players to collect for their pets. Grooming, feeding and playing are just a few of the activities players must do when nurturing their pet within Chicka Pets not to mention cleaning up after them. Just think of it as caring for a real pet, just online!

Features of Chicka Pets

  • Over 100 mini games to play on the site
  • Over 3000 items to collect and use towards caring for your pet
  • Great online community with chat availability and a forum
  • Train your pets and even send them into battle
  • Collect secret avatars and enter contests and competitions
  • Participate in quests that you can even get rewarded for

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