Naviage Review – Best Online Strategic Game

naviageAre you the gamer that loves navigation battling games? Well then, we found the perfect game for you! Naviage is similar to your strategic games like Risk and Civilization but with some new great features.

The main object of Naviage is to develop the perfect world through battles, trade, and the growth of heroes. Not only do you have the option to defeat other countries, but you can also attack other things such as pirates. If you defeat the pirates, you may just be rewarded with some gold and new resources.

The graphics on Naviage are amazing. Right away, they give you the feeling of entering a war in the medieval period.

When you first begin Naviage, you get to choose from a list of character options. You can pick from 8 nationalities and 8 professions. After that, you begin the long journey of developing your world. With all the countries, pirates, and ports to explore you will not be able to put the game down.

There are three different battle types in Naviage, which include invading shipping lanes, ports, or even war. As stated earlier, you can even attack pirates. Each battle type will bring you different resources and equipment for your country. Use these different resources to further develop you territories to become the leader of the world.

Naviage also gives you different quests that you can try to complete. They may be tough at times; however, you do get rewarded well for completing them so I would highly suggest playing them. Furthermore, Naviage does offer tutorials for you to check out to get you off that beginning level and turn you into a full out veteran.naviage


  • Amazing graphics
  • Different battle types
  • Easy interface to work with
  • Tutorials to help guide you through the game
  • Many character options

If you are looking to battle different enemies, and demographics, to become the leader of the world then you need to check out Naviage today. Once you start playing this game, you will not be able to set it down. Do you have what it takes to develop your country to become the leader today?