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Free Online Game of the Year

luvinia gameSo with all the free games found online these days, it is so hard to pick a list of top ten games of the year let alone a single one. There are always new games hitting the internet and the list is truly endless. There are countless games that could easily take this spot from any genre. Massively multiplayer online role playing games have become the most popular genre online today but virtual simulation games are not far behind. Either way it seems people love to interact with others online because lets face it, playing a game completely alone gets real old really fast.

It took me hours of online game play as well as a bunch of review reading to finally decide on a game and I believe this is truly one of the best games ever made online. Well as you could have guessed this game is a massively multiplayer online role playing game and has a ton of great features. Luvinia is a completely free to play online game that was published by Ons On Soft but is hosted by Outspark. This game has amazing cel-shaded graphics that are outrageously appealing and the overall design is just as well put together.

Rather than sitting here and trying to explain this game I am simply going to tell you that it is an MMORPG that allows players to fully explore a 3D land of eye catching landscapes as well as battle non character players and even other players online. A list of most of the features that Luvinia has to offer can be found below.

Features of Luvinia

– There are currently 15 different starting classes that players can choose from each with unique features.luvinia

  • Fighters use axes or swords and are deadly from close range
  • Scouts use crossbows or regular bows and deal great damage from afar
  • Knights weapons of choice are dual swords or claws and are close range characters
  • Assassins are also better at close range and use spells or hidden weapons
  • Wizard are good from long range and are masters of wizardry and magic

– There are 3 different types of skills to learn each with multiple secondary skills that can be learned within them.

  • Active Skills are those that are used during exploration or during battle
  • Passive Skills are those that are learned and can do things such as make a weapon strike more powerful
  • Alchemy Skills are considered money making skills or skills that can upgrade weapons

– Luvinia features player vs player areas in each town across the world map in which players of similar levels can enter and challenge one another. The game also allows for guild battles in which guilds can declare war on other guilds if they would like.

luvinia– An in game wedding system is available for players that feel they have found a significant other online. I have mixed feelings about this feature but I suppose it does not hurt to have it!

– The last feature I am going to talk about is a fairly new estate feature. This features allows players to own a virtual space and decorate it as they want. Things like furniture, pools and even patios can be placed on this piece of land as well as much more.

Luvinia is a great game and the developers are always trying to add new things to it. With its awesome features and amazing graphics and design, it has grabbed the number one spot for free online game of the year.