Online Games for Three Year Olds

JumpStartGames that are developed towards three year olds consist of two things. Not only are they fun for the three year olds but they also teach the kids skills before they reach preschool. Many games out there focus on different aspects of learning. These games teach the kids different scholastic skills in which they will bring with them to the first day of school.

Educational online games geared towards three year olds have been proven to be a very beneficial tool for learning. These games help give the kids the tools they need for their early education and they will gain confidence in their skills before reaching elementary school.  These educational games are great for three year olds to play because they are fun and most importantly, the games will enhance their educational skills.

Top free games for 3 year olds – 


– JumpStart – JumpStart is the perfect educational game series that is a fun way to teach three year olds how to use and expand their mind. It as an award winning game from Knowledge Adventure and has been an education tool for children for over 15 years. JumpStart is an online adventure game designed for 3 to 10 year olds where they can master their skills that they will carry with them in school and life. This game enhances your child’s skills through discovery, exploration, and learning.  Some educational skills JumpStart will teach your child is vocabulary, letters and numbers, jump start gameand colors. Through these world winning online learning and adventure games, JumpStart offers your child the ability to have fun and learn at the same time.

  • Free to play
  • Your child will learn before educational skills in a fun way
  • The child will gain confidence in learning
  • Different age levels of play