So what do we do with all of those popular games that you are looking for similar games of when they do not fit in any of our other categories?! Well we simply put them all here! Golf games, guitar games or whatever types of games they might be. If they do not fit anywhere else they are put here until we find another place for them! Just because they are here does not mean they are bad games though! All the games listed below are amazing games. That is why we have found games just like them for you to check out. When you click on the links below you will be brought to a page giving you a list of games that share similar features. Check them out and let us know how it goes for you.

Well what are you waiting for?! have you checked all the games out? Chances are if you liked the game in question then you will like the games we provide under them! Anyway, keep coming back to the site for new games are always being added weekly if not more.