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ourworldOurWorld is an online virtual world where players can enjoy endless amounts of many games as well as do activities like meet people and even go to dance clubs. This is a 2D browser game that features over 22,000 virtual goods. OurWorld is mostly based on playing dozens of mini games where players can win prizes for their avatars and virtual homes.

The game also features quests that players can take part in which allows them to level up. Leveling up allows players to gain access to other areas of the game as well as gives the character new characteristics such as dance moves and other features. OurWorld also focuses strongly on character customization allowing players to fully customize their character to how they want them to look. This is done using a variety of appearance options as well as different articles of clothing and other accessories.

OurWorld has become a fairly popular game online and for that reason some people are looking for games like it but maybe with some better graphics and even an overall better feeling. OurWorld lacks in quite a few areas and that is why we have compiled a list of games below that are all virtual worlds and can be found online for free.

Best Free Online Games Like ourWorld


imvuIMVU is an online virtual world or social entertainment destination. Members of this game use 3D avatars to interact with new people, play mini games or to just hang out.  The huge focus of IMVU, like Second Life, is to have all user created content. IMVU encourages its users to participate in content creation as this keeps the in game experience fresh and new. Users can also create and sell virtual products within the game. With over 50 million registered users, IMVU is a huge part if the virtual world gaming network and keeps its members coming back.

Features of IMVU

  • Completely user generated virtual world
  • Worlds largest virtual goods catalog
  • Create and sell virtual products
  • Develop your own virtual space
  • Huge fan and gaming community

Second Life

second lifeSecond Life is an online virtual world where the possibilities are endless. This virtual world is completely user generated by the use of a built in software called a three-dimensional modeling tool based around simple geometric shapes. The main thing that Second Life strives for its users is to enable user creativity, socialization through role playing and complete avatar customization. This is truly one of the best online virtual worlds online today and already has over a million users experiencing the game today. 

Features of Second Life

  • Enourmous in game World which is always evolving
  • Top of the line role playing platform
  • Endless options for character customization
  • All content is user generated
  • Home to some of the freakiest and coolest stuff you can imagine


woozworldWoozworld is a virtual world for kids mostly between the ages of 9 and 14. The users have all the power within this game which allows them to be creative and social at the same time. A lot of the things within the world are user created which makes WoozWorld quite unique. It is completely safe to play this game for it has the highest standers in terms and conditions safety of all virtual world games for kids. Playing mini games, chatting with friends and even exploring the world within are all things you can look forward to when playing WoozWorld.

Features of WoozWorld

  • Unique in game store
  • New contests and activities held all the time
  • User created world with endless amounts of fun and excitement
  • Interact and socialize with friends and even meet now people

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