OverKings Review

OverKings is a one of a kind role playing game where players fight for glory, power and wealth. With almost the exact look and feel of Diablo, it has become a game of great dynamics and popularity. Within OverKings players simply choose their own path of adventure. The features to this game are truly endless with eye catching graphics, and spectacular special effects.

There is a massive war developing across the land and it is your responsibility to stop it. Fearsome creatures awaitoverkings game behind every corner of the land and even the darkest dungeons seem more creepy than ever before. Make your way over gigantic mountains, icy caves and mysterious dungeons to attain gold treasures and mysterious artifacts. All your enemies desire power and gold and their is nothing holding them back except you.

This game offers much more than one can tell just by reading about it. Not only can you roam the land, go on adventures or quests and battle evil monsters, but you can also rebuild the land that you knew as home. By doing so, you will gain the gold, resources, experience and even the popularity of the people. This is all key to your success in OverKings.

You also have the ability to join together with your friends to engage the massive waves of monsters that stand in your path to controlling the land. Conquer mines to give yourself the ability to construct the most advanced armor and the finest weapons around giving you the advantage you need. You can even make potions that can be used for virtually anything through your adventures.
overkings gameOverKings has a unique crafting system as well as the ability to trade with other users to fill your inventory with things you need rather than things you have found. You can also steal from other users but if you get caught the consequences will be fetal. This game is truly a perfect mix between World of Warcraft and Diablo and has all the same features as both. There is not much else to say about OverKings besides that.