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Games Like Plants vs Zombies – Free To Play Online

plants vs zombies gameGames like Plants vs Zombies is our specialty and we have put together a list just for you. Plants vs Zombies is considered a “tower” defense action video game. Really though, there are no towers in it, so that is not quite an accurate description. All in all, players are ultimately guarding their house from the living dead reaching it and breaking in. How do they do this? With plants of course! There are many different types of plants that do things such as shoot ice or blow up. There are both offensive and defensive plants that players can use.

Players can place these plants where ever they would like in one of five rows available. You must watch out though, if zombies are coming down a row where there are no plants placed, then you must hurry to place some in that row. If they reach your house, they will eat your brains out!

There are a couple of different game modes within Plants vs Zombies. The most popular are single player and co-op adventure mode. There are other modes that can be unlocked while players play such as a bejeweled mode. This is a very popular game and there are a couple online ones that are just like it. Check the list below for some great game ideas.

Top Free Games Like Plants vs Zombies

Zombie Bowl O Rama

zombie bowl o ramaEver imagine killing zombies with a bowling ball? Zombie Bowl O Rama is a bowling game where you get to use the bowling ball to kill your enemies. Instead of knocking down 10 regular pins at a time, you get to throw your bowling ball at 10 zombies lined up like bowling pins. This game lets you control your ball while it is cruising down the lane to try to pick up tricks before your ball kills all the living dead. The tricks are in little green gravestones on the bowling lane. Once you get a trick, you can use it whenever you want. Some of the tricks you can gather are different balls such as a meat ball, and  a brain ball. There are many other great tricks that you can pick up as well. If you don’t want to play by yourself, grab your friend and throw different tricks his or her way to mess them up.

Features of Zombie Bowl O Rama

  • 6 scary lanes to battle your way through to final Lane
  • 11 terrifying balls to choose to throw
  • Crafty trick balls to throw at the the living dead such as Werewolves, MiniCorpses, Buzz Saw and Dance Fever balls.
  • Tasty treats to help you out in gameplay such as the Meatball, ZomBees and Brain Balls.
  • Zombies advance closer to you if you miss them the first time

When Penguins Attack 3

when penguins attack 3When Penguins Attack 3 is a great Tower Defense game. Your mission is to ultimately save the human race from evil penguins trying to destroy them. In this game, players must place weapons where they think the penguins will walk by. If the weapon is to far away from the penguins, it will not kill them. The more penguins you kill, the more money you get and the better weapons you can purchase! For every penguin that gets by you, you lose a life so make sure to kill them all!

Features of When Penguins Attack 3

  • 15 levels to work your way through each with 31 or more waves
  • Start with 25 lives and 300 dollars cash
  • 15 trophies waiting for you to win
  • 15 different types of penguins each with unique capabiities
  • 10 different weapons to choose from all with unique capabilities

Mini Robot Wars

mini robot warsMini Robot Wars is a game where you get to try to reclaim your land from robot troops who invaded it. If you are looking for games like Plants vs Zombies then this is it! You get to build your army from 40 different robots before you battle it out against 32 different types of machines. There are several different battle sites including land, air, sea, and even blow the ocean. The further along you get, the more achievements, upgrades and tactics you get to unlock. As you travel, pick up different resources to make your army stronger, so they at least have a chance to defeat the enemies. This game is not completely free but there are free demo’s available online.

Features of Mini Robot Wars

  • 150 levels in story mode that spans 3 episodes each with their own storyline and distinctive play
  • 40 little Minirobots including Bubble Bot and Snow Baller
  • 30 mini games available to play
  • 32 different types of enemies over 5 areas

Defenders: Hold the Holy Pig

Defenders: Hold the Holy PigIn this tower defense game, a players objective is to defend a city from monsters. In order to do so, players place different towers in different locations. There are many different types of towers including fire towers, ice towers, and lighting towers. Put these in the best locations possible to pass each level.

Features of Defenders: Hold the Holy Pig

  • Several different types of towers
  • Tons of different level structures
  • Variety of different enemies each with unique capabilities

Battle Blocks Defense

Battle Blocks Defense is a strategic tower defense game where players have three different types of weapons that are used in order to defend waves of armies. There is a total of 50 waves to complete in Battle Blocks Defense and they are quite a challenge. Try your strategic skills in this game today.

Features of Battle Blocks Defense

  • 50 waves of enemies to defeat
  • multiple types of weapons to use for defense
  • Ability to combine smaller weapons to create large weapons