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Games Like Pokemon – Free To Play Online

pokemon gameAre you looking to play games like Pokemon Online? We have got the list that you are looking for. Lets first find out a little bit about how this game came to be! This game series (not to get confused with the TV show) is a role playing game where players take the role of a Trainer. Pokemon of course are little animals and insects that or fictional monsters that protect and battle with their trainers. The object is to both complete the Pokedex, which is to collect all the different species, and to become the ultimate Trainer or Master by putting together a team of that no other trainer can beat.

There are almost 40 different games in this series between handheld and console types. The first one, Pokemon Red, was released in 1996 and it blew up from there having a new release almost every two years. These are truly amazing games and they have become a worldwide known series. With it being so popular, you better believe there are games online that are just like it and are completely free to play.

Top Free Games Like Pokemon

Monster MMORPG

monster mmorpg - game like pokemonMonster MMORPG is a free to play online game based on catching, training, and battling monsters. It is as close to Pokemon as you will get. There are 659 unique monsters with 560 different moves and 207 different abilities that players have the chance to interact with. It plays exactly like other pet training games where players roam the land searching for Monsters and battling with them to make their monsters more powerful.

Features of Monster MMORPG

  • Very good design and well layed out maps
  • 100 different nature types in which provide stat changes to the monsters
  • 207 different monster abilities
  • Great marketing system implemented into the game


totemica game In Totemica, players collect virtual pets that help them in battle against evil monsters and even against other players. This is a role playing online game where players can roam the virtual world with other players as well as participate in the animated story line. One great feature that this game has is that all battles play out in real time meaning there is no turn based combat!

Features of Totemica

  • Ability to mount your pets to travel by air
  • Ability to join a guild
  • Great friend system
  • Plays just like Pokemon games

Fairyland Online

fairyland onlineFairyland Online is a 2D fantasy based massively multiplayer online role playing game with turn-based combat encounters. It focuses largely on raising pets whom then help you out during battles. With a land to roam fairly freely, players can also participate in quests with their pets along their side for protection. Fairyland is a great game but may be a bit out dated! It is a great mix between a older pet based MMORPG’s and new ones.

Features of Fairlyland Online

  • 3 races each with 3 different classes
  • 6 stats for each character
  • Tons of pets to collect and raise for battle
  • classic turn based combat


eudemonsEudemons online is a fantasy based massively multiplayer online role playing game. Within Eudemons there is an innovative pet raising system where players are able to raise their own Eudemons, which then can protect and help them in battle. Players can bring along 12 pets out of 100 different ones on their quests to assist them.

Features of Eudemons

  • 100 different pets that you can capture and raise
  • Ability to bring 12 Eudemons with you at once
  • Eye catching anime style gaming graphics
  • 4 different character types including warrior, mage, paladin and vampire
  • Ability to train your pets so they are ready for battle

Ether Saga

ether sagaEther Saga Online is a fantasy based 3D massively multiplayer online role playing game. This game is not based on capturing and raising pets but it does have a feature that allows players to catch and raise pets that can then help them in battle and also protect them. Players first have to raise one unique pet until they reach level 15 but are then able to catch and raise any pets they choose.

Features of Ether Saga

  • 3 races and 6 classes to choose characters from
  • Cute anime looking graphics and design
  • Very unique pet system which allows you to capture, raise and tame your pets
  • Ability to complete quests and battle other players within the game

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