Games Like Poptropica – Free To Play Online

poptropicaWhy not play some other games like Poptropica online for free? There are a few listed below that I think you will like. Poptropica is an online game that mixes role playing elements with a virtual world. This game is targeted towards the ages of 6 to 15 and allows its players to participate in a wide range of activities such as traveling or exploration, playing various mini games and even compete with one other in head to head battles. Poptropica also features a good amount of quests for its player to complete which are called islands within the game. There are over twenty of these islands with new ones being thrown onto the game every year.

Poptropica allows its users to create and completely customize an avatar. This can be done right when you start the game or throughout game play if you prefer as well. Changing skin color, hair style and cloths are just a few of the character customizations that are allowed within the game. Poptropica also allows its user to interact through chat in its multiplayer rooms. This chat is 100% completely safe just like in most online virtual worlds.

There is also an in game store where players can purchase certain abilities or even different styles not available on the open market for their characters. Items are purchased with credits that can be either bought with real money or through completing certain quests. Poptropica has become a very popular game in the few years that it has been on the market and for that reason we have found some similar games to it that its users may enjoy. Check them out below and give us some feedback on them if you would like.

Best Online Games Like Poptropica – Free To Play


woozworldWoozworld is an online virtual game world for kids where they can pretty much do whatever they would like. Their modo is “Be what you want to be” and you truly can. Within Woozworld, players can create and fully customize their own avatar, play mini games online and even create their own mini virtual world. This game is completely safe and secure and allows its users to be creative and even make new friends. The only major difference between Woozworld and Poptropica is that Woozworld is more of a 3D based game rather than a 2D side scrolling game. Otherwise the in game features are virtually the same. Designing your own virtual spaces, deck out your avatar to make him/her look how you want and even throw awesome parties or events. These are just a few things Woozworld has to offer.

Features of Woozworld

  • Ability to design you own custom space
  • Pick from tons of min games to play
  • Meet and interact with new friends
  • Completely safe and secure game
  • Contests are held all the time some of which give real money prizes

Habbo Hotel

habbo hotelHabbo Hotel is a sort of social networking game site or virtual online world for teenagers. Within this game you pretty much just hang out and  do what you would like. Habbo Hotel is split up into different rooms which all have different features. There are certain rooms that you can visit that feature mini games played right though your browser and there are other rooms where you can order drinks and party. There are also custom rooms that allow players the ability to fully customize it to their liking. The is the main idea of the game and going on and on about different rooms would get very repetitive. Overall this game is a great game to play if you like to explore a world full of mini games and real life features. It is a game like Poptropica but for a bit of an older age group.

Features of Habbo Hotel

  • Tons of different rooms to check out all with different features
  • Clubs that you can join to meet other users
  • Over 230 million avatars already registered
  • Mini games built right into the site

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