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Games Like Risk – Free To Play Online

play risk onlineTrying to find games like Risk online? Well check out the list that we have for you. Risk is a strategic board game that was produced by Parker Brothers and has been around since 1957. Can you believe that? It has been around for more then a half of a century and is still as popular as ever. It is a turn-based game for anywhere between two to six players. The standard version is played on a board depicting a map of the World. This map is divided into forty-two territories, which are grouped into six continents and does not include Antarctica.

The primary object of the game is ultimately world domination which is done by controlling every territory on the board and eliminating all other players. To do so, players control massive armies and move them in accordance to what they roll on the dice.

With Risk becoming so popular, it is no wonder that people are looking to play it online. There are an unlimited number of them out there all played online and they range any where from controlling the high seas to controlling ancient medieval lands. Check out the list of games like risk played online below.

Games Like Risk – Free to Play Online

Thirst of Night

Thirst of Night is a great browser based strategic game where players battle against one another for ultimate domination of the land within the game. This is done through doing many different things such as the construction of buildings, the gathering of resources as well as attacking the other players’ cities. One great feature of this game is that it is played even when you are not logged in. This means your buildings and armies are growing even if you are not at your computer.

Features of Thirst of Night

  • Buildings can individually upgraded as high as level 10
  • 20 different technologies available to players
  • Players can construct up to 10 cities each with 74 areas to construct buildings
  • Unique player prestige/ranking system
  • New players given 7 day protection

Civilization II

civilization 2 Civilization II is the second game made within the Civilization series. This is a turn based strategic video game where players have two paths to victory. They can either claim world domination by defeating all other players (up to 5 others) or they can claim a technology victory by being the first player to launch a shuttle to outer space. The graphics of this game are a bit outdated but it shares all the same concepts and design that risk does.

Features of Civilization II

  • Ability to consult high council for all decisions
  • Two different paths to victory
  • Different land topography which have defense bonuses and productive value
  • 21 different civilizations to choose from
  • Unique scoring system measuring players performance throughout the game

Chronicles of Merlin

chronicles of merlinChronicles of Merlin is a real time strategic game that can be played online completely free. When I came across it, the first thing that jumped into my mind is that it seems to be a 3D risk type game. It is completely browser based and is considered a massively multiplayer online RPG because when you play you are competing against others online. It is fairly simple. Players choose a hero in the beginning whom will run their empire. Then it is time to start growing this empire as well as your military. There are pretty much two parts to Chronicles of Merlin. The first is building a massive city and the second is conquering other cities or territories. The game truly amazing and even shows you the battles between to armies when you attack someone or they attack you. Try it out and give us some feedback on your experience.

Features of Chronicles of Merlin

  • Not only can you battle other players online but you can also take on challenging quests
  • Choose from detailed army formation selections
  • Completely free to play right through your browser
  • Great mix between games like Risk and Evony


naviageNaviage is an online strategic game where players develop the perfect world through battles, trading and the growth of there fleet. Invading and defeating other countries is one way to go about doing this but players can also attack players by sea and even butt heads with enemies such as pirates. By defeating pirates around the Globe players get rewarded with things like gold or new resources. Naviage includes three different battle types within the game which include invading shipping lanes, invading ports and going to war on land.

Features of Naviage

  • Very user friendly interface
  • Countless number of goods coming into the exchange center each day
  • Naviage offers different quests to complete with high rewards
  • Multiple character options to choose from
  • Amazing graphics and design