Second Life

Second Life Review – Game Like Supple

Second LifeOverview

If you have not heard of Second Life, it is a 3D virtual world that was released in June 2003 that is exactly like Supple but with many more features, including better graphics. Second Life is not your ordinary MMORPG game, but rather a place where tens of thousands of people can go to bring out their real world experiences. The possibilities in Second Life are endless; allowing you to do anything you want!


The Game

If you enjoy a fast-paced roleplaying game then you will not like Second Life; however, if you enjoy taking your time and using your imagination, then this will be a perfect game for you. Many gamers who enjoy the slower paced roleplaying games will have a “wow” factor because there is so much you can do in this game.  Have you ever wanted to do something that you could not do in real life? Second Life gives you the opportunity to create your own society and social life that you always wanted.


Game Currency

For you gamers who like to battle against others, there are mods out there that let you download for combat. In addition, it also allows you to keep stats on your progress through the game. Through Second Life, you can also purchase the game’s currency to purchase second lifeitems such as clothes, other mods, animations, and everything else you can imagine. Even better, if you want to get your avatar a pair of sneakers, you can go to the Nike store and purchase a real pair of Nikes through the game store.


Final Review

There is nothing else out there as good as Second Life when it comes to a 3D virtual world. It is unique and offers unlimited features for its gamers. If you are looking for a game like Supple, I recommend trying Second Life out. You will not be disappointed.