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Games Like Second Life – Free To Play Online

second lifeSecond Life is an online virtual life simulation game that allows its users to be whoever or whatever they would like to be. When playing Second Life you take the role of an avatar in which is fully customizable to look virtually like anyone you want it to. With this avatar, you simply do what you would or could do in an everyday life. You meet and interact with others online, you participate in activities either alone or with groups of others, you can create your own virtual goods and trade them with others if you so choose and you can even own and customize your own virtual space to look like the house that you never got to build or buy.

Second Life has been around since 2003 and has become a very popular online game ever since its release. There is something about people being able to be the person that they always wanted to in which they could not do in real life. It is a break from peoples everyday stressful lives. The game is virtually free to play but does require players to purchase certain items or premium memberships in order to have unlimited ability to do what he/she would like. Second Life s even used by some businesses to test out their products on a market to see if they would do well or fail.

Second Life is definitely one of the best online virtual simulation games on the market but seems to very much limit its users to what they can do unless they upgrade to a premium membership. For that reason and some others we have put together a list of very similar games to Second Life. All of them share a lot of the same features and are all great games. Check them out and give us some feedback on your gaming experience.

Top Online Games like Second Life – Free To Play


IMVUIMVU is an online social entertainment or virtual simulation game like Second Life where users can be who they want to be. Within this game players have control of an avatar that they can customize to their liking. Be a vampire or an actual Avatar if you would like. The customization’s are virtually endless. With this avatar, players simply explore the open world within IMVU participating in activities, meeting others and chatting with them and even play mini games that can be found all over the place. IMVU also hosts the largest virtual goods catalog of all virtual online games and there is pretty much anything you can think of within it. One of the main features of IMVU is the ability to create and sell your own virtual products. This allows online players to actully make real money which is pretty awesome for playing a game. There are already 50 million registered users to this game and it is growing everyday.

Features of IMVU

  • Largest virtual goods catalog around
  • Virtually unlimited character customization
  • Tons of activities such as shopping, partying and even going out to dinner or buying a car
  • Ability to create your own products and sell them
  • Vast community of users with tons of forums and support