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Games Like Settlers – Free To Play Online

the settlers onlineAre you trying to find some games like Settlers Online that you can play for free? If so, the list below is just what you are looking for. The Settlers Online is a free to play massively multiplayer online browser based strategy game. It follows the same type of play as most real time strategy games in the sense that building a massive empire is the main goal. Game play is fairly simple within The Settlers Online. Players first have control of a pioneer group in which they choose a piece of land to begin their village on. They then begin to take care of this land and start building their village while providing a shelter for the local people. Different locations and land types are both things that players take into consideration when building for some places are better than others. Such characteristics of villages will either push other people away or attract them so they are very important within the game. Gathering resources is another key factor in this game because such resources are used to build different structures and even a military. Military is used to either defend your cities from opposing empires or even attack other cities and conquer them.

I have noticed lately that real time strategic games are becoming more and more popular and there is a larger demand for them online. The Settlers Online and Civilization are just a few examples. We have been looking around online for games similar to The Settlers Online and have had some luck. We have compiled a list below that are all real time strategy games but each one does have some unique characteristics. We have tried to list them in relevancy to The Setters Online meaning that the first game listed is the most similar to it that we could find. They are all great games and will keep you busy for hours. Check them out and leave us some feedback letting us know if your experience was a good one.

Best Free Online Games Like Settlers

Castle Empire Online

castle empire onlineI was shocked when I first came across Castle Empire Online because this real time strategy game is almost to good to be free to play and very much a game like The Settlers. This is a 2D browser based massively multiplayer strategy game. The basic story line of Castle Empire is that there are pioneers exploring an uninhabited land and they are looking to start a settlement. Guiding them to the forest and back to allow them to cut down trees and start building is your first objective within this game. As you start to get your settlement under way, gathering resources becomes very important. Different resources are used for specific purposes. This game does have a lot of features to offer that players will love and if you are looking for free to play games like The Settlers Online then this is our first recommendation.

Features of Castle Empire Online

  • 9 different types of military units to use in the game
  • Tons of quests to check out around the land
  • All buildings can be upgraded or even destroyed to make room for others
  • Wide variety of resources that are all used for different purposes
  • Very similar layout to Settlers 7
  • Completely free to play and browser based