Games Like Shaiya – Free To Play Online

Shaiya is another massively multiplayer online role playing game that is very similar to the rest of them and just as successful on the market. The game is fairly simple. Players travel around the open world slaying massive beasts and wielding amazingly powerful weapons. There is one unique twist to Shaiya however, in some of the game modes that the game features, if you die, it is permanent!

Shaiya really does not bring anything new to the table within the MMORPG style but the game treasures itself in being simple and easy to navigate. The developers simply wanted a game that is just like most all other MMORPG’s out there, just with some twists and turns to it. There are several race and character class choices with fairly good character customization built in. The storyline is very interesting and lets not forget about the world within Shaiya itself. It’s absolutely eye catching and is definitely one a player would enjoy regardless of how the game played.

This game has become decently popular but just like all other games out there, when players are done with it they look for other games on there market similar to it. For that reason, we have put together a list of a ton more massively multiplayer online role playing games that play almost exactly like Shaiya. Check them out and let us know what you think. Oh and in my opinion, Luvinia is the best one on the list but try them out for yourself!

Best Free to Play Online Games like Shaiya

Jade Dynasty

Jade Dynasty is a fantasy based massively multiplayer online role playing game with amazing 3D graphics and awesome design. This game has been around for awhile and really is still much of a secret even though it has so much to offer its users. There is a unique auto walk feature built in making going on quests and raiding dungeons much easier and even quicker. A lot of MMORPG’s are trying to get this auto walk feature but Jade Dynasty has beat most of them to it! One of the best features of this game is the incredible amount of land based and flying mounts that it has to offer. The environment itself is also something to check out for its amazing effects making you think you yourself is right in the game. Jade Dynasty is one of the most under rated MMORPG’s on the market today and is definitely one you need to try if you have not done so. I guarantee that you will be impressed with everything the game has to offer from its amazing battle system to the vast amount of skills your character can learn.

Features of Jade Dynasty

  • Tons of land based and flying mounts
  • Amazing environment and water effects
  • Unique auto walk feature
  • Great variety of skills
  • Great pet and marriage system
  • completely free to play


Rappelz is an action packed massively multiplayer online role playing game with a ton of new features and recently redone to make it a top of the line game. With is amazing and gorgeous graphics as well as its professionally laid out design, it does not get much better then Rappelz when it comes to online gaming. One of the best tings about this game is the dynamic and unique pet system that is built in. Players have the ability to catch, tame, raise and even evolve a ton of different pets and they can then battle right beside you! Rappelz also features the abiity to own your own dungeon. That’s right. Enough of owning a house or a castle. you need to try this game out right now. It has more to offer then most MMORPG’s and it is completely free to play! What are you waiting for? Jump into this action packed, dragon filled world of chaos and battles.

Features of Rappelz

  • Dynamic player vs player system
  • Awesome pets system built in
  • Ability to own your own dungeon
  • Battle against orcs and dragons in every corner of the land
  • Completely free to play
  • Some of the best graphics of any online game

Last Chaos

Last Chaos is a fairly new massively multiplayer online role playing game. Its looks and gameplay reminded me exactly of Shaiya’s. The developer’s of this game stuck to the more realistic look and feel rather than going to the cel-shaded animated look. Last Chaos doesn’t really bring anything new to this style of game play but it does make up for it with the amazingly vast amount of content that it supplies to its users. There is an awesome crafting system in place as well as a ton of in game pet mounts. There is little character customization built into Last Chaos but lets face it, when playing a MMORPG are you really wanting to customize your character or are you trying to get into this game and start making your character as powerful as you can?! Either way, Last Chaos is one of the closest, if not the closest game to Shaiya that you will find. I guarantee if you check this game out you will not be disappointed.

Features of Last Chaos

  •  Awesome forum and GM support
  • Amazing crafting system
  • Huge variety of pets and pet mounts
  • Regularly updated and upgraded
  • Tons of quests to check out and complete