Games Like SimCity – Free To Play Online

simcityThere are plenty of games like SimCity out there and our list below will help you out if that is what you are looking for. SimCity is a city-building simulation computer game as its name suggests. The user builds and designs a city without being told any specific goals to achieve while doing so. In other words, you are free to build and design how you want. You can mark land as commercial, residential, or industrial. You can add buildings; build roads, train tracks, power lines and more. You can change the tax rate and do what you have to in order to make more money which will then lead to being able to build a bigger and better city.

SimCity was first released in 1989 and has since seen many sequels to the original game. There has not been a recent release of a SimCity game since 2007 and most sequels were deemed as to complex before this time. Because of this a lot of people are turning to free alternatives. like the ones below. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Best Free Online Games Like Sim City

Build-A-Lot 2

build-a-lot-2Build A lot 2 is a game where players take the role of a Real Estate business and expand/improve properties around the land of the game. There are certain building assignments available for players to complete which range from players building homes, parks and shops. Improving your towns appeal rating as well as earning lots of money are the two main goals for players within the game.

Features of Build-A-Lot 2

  • Flip houses for big profits.
  • Ability to paint and landscape all your  houses
  • Build parks in the neighborhood to spice up the look
  • Construct fancy shops and earn larger profits
  • Causal mode and campaign mode available

Town Tycoon

Town Tycoon is like a clone of the old Sim City games. You take the role of a Mayor of a town and build it from scratch, turning into the biggest city you possibly can. There are also threats that you have to look out for just like in the Sim City Games. Things like crime, pollution and natural disasters are all threats that you need to be aware of! They can destroy your city if you are not careful. You need to make sure that your city has the right amount of factories, healthcare building, enough electricity being produced and everything else that goes into building a city! Check this game out for yourself and I guarantee you will love it!


CityVille is a city building simulation game that is played right through Facebook. The ultimate goal within CityVille  is to develop a massive city through means of construction, farming collecting rent from your people and much more. You take the role of a mayor over looking everything that is going on in your city. You call the shots and give orders as to where everything goes. There are over 50 million users that play this game already so what are you waiting for?! Check it out and let us know how it goes for you.

Features of CityVille

  • Can be played right through your Facebook account
  • Can build whatever you would like within your city
  • You call the shots as to how you want your city to look
  • Completely free to play
  • Huge player base already

Virtual City

virtual cityIn Virtual City you take the role of becoming the mayor and it is now up to you to build houses, industrial buildings, shopping malls, roads, railroads and more. You also must make parks and entertainment facilities for your residents. In other words, you must make your city perfect for the people who live in it! There are also a couple features that will blow your mind away.

Features of Virtual City

  • More than 50 types of buildings
  • 7 production chains to master
  • 50 challenging levels in 5 different settings
  • Tons of builds and upgrades to unlock


architect gameArchitect is a game where players take the role of a city planner and build the city of their dreams. Decide where buildings such as schools, houses, theaters, and industrial should go. In this time management simulation game the sky is the limit, literally. It is very similar to SimCity but is free to play!

Features of Architect

  • 35 levels to play your way through
  • Ability to build an entire city
  • Multiple buildings to unlock during gameplay
  • Unique constructions


ikariamIn Ikariam, players start with a tiny, fertile piece of land and are given the task of turning this piece of land into a flourishing city and capital of a mighty empire. It is like the games above except you start from the true beginning. You must collect building materials before you can actually build anything. It is quite challenging but is worth it.

Features of Ikariam

  • Great mix between a game like Simcity and Civilization
  • 5 resources to be gathered in order to build
  • Unique barracks to construct troops
  • Cooperative game play available
  • Intuitive Research System


ramacityRamaCity is another simulation game where players take the role of a city mayor. The main object is to make the city the best it can be which includes placing industrial buildings, housing, parks, and entertainment where they need to go. The graphics in RamaCity are towards the top of most simulation games.

Features of RamaCity

  • Daily goals for every player to complete
  • Wide array of buildings, recreational facilities and factories
  • Funny animations built into the game
  • Ability to play with your friends online

If this list of games like SimCity is not what you are looking for then check out out Minecraft page!