Games Like Starcraft – Free To Play Online

starcraftAre you looking for any games like Starcraft that share the same features and design? Well we can help you out in that department. Starcraft is a real time strategic computer game that Blizzard Entertainment first released in 1998. The storyline behind the game follows a newly formed Terran Dominion who is now in the presence of two very dangerous alien races: the enigmatic Protoss and the savage Zerg. The idea behind the game is to gather as many resources as possible and expand your forces for these two alien races will stop at nothing to destroy you. There is an all out war going on between the three of you.

Starcraft was considered a very advanced game for its time and become the the best selling computer game of 1998. It followed up the statistic by winning the Origins Award for Best Strategy Computer Game of 1998. Blizzard’s second installment of this game was released July of 2010 and is even better than the first one with up to date graphics and a very popular campaign mode that is estimated to take any where from 20 to 60 hours to complete. It features 29 different missions with multiple mission types.

Starcraft II was considered the fastest selling strategy game of all time and sold 1.5 million copies within the fist 2 days of being released. After a month of being on the market it had sold more than 3 million copies and had some of the best review scores for any game. It is no wonder that after playing this all so popular installment, people want even more things to play like it. Below is a list of games I have compiled that are very similar to Starcraft. Keep coming back for I am always adding to this list trying to make it bigger and better!

Best Free to Play Games Like Starcraft Online

Steel Legion

steel legionSteel Legion is massively multiplayer strategy game with awesome 3D graphics and fast paced player vs player action. It is browser based and completely free to play. Players simply control a huge steel tank and battle 3 other empires for ultimate control over things such as land, resources and power. If players would like, they can team up with one another to join the same empire. They can then play Steel Legion as they would normally except they can work together to control the land. There is gear scattered across the land that players can collect to upgrade their vehicles weapons or armor as well. Steel Legion has a ton to offer its players whom love strategy games and it also has great gameplay and design.

Features of Steel Legion

  • New maps and challenges always coming out
  • Unique and fair player vs player combat
  • Multiple power ups and upgrades
  • completely free to play with no obligations

Thirst of Night

Thirst of Night is considered a massively multiplayer online real time strategy game where multiple players battle it out against one another on one piece of land. Each player starts out by building their cities and armies up until they decide it is time to start exploring and attacking others. Thirst of Night brings a more darker themed look to this type of game (vampires and blood sucking demands) and also some pretty amazing features. Constructing things such as homes, steelworks, crystal pits and blood labs are just a few of things to look forward to while playing Thirst of Night. It is completely browser based with no download necessary and shares a lot of the same features that Starcraft does. Play Thirst of Night completely free right now. You will not be disappointed!

Features of Thirst of Night

  • Very straight forward story line and player vs player combat
  • Free to play and browser based
  • Very polished interface
  • Ability to control and army of vampires and gargoyles
  • Dark theme giving it a unique look

I hope this list of games like Starcraft helped you out. Come back often for we are always updating this page with new games. Be sure to leave a comment with any suggestions as well.