Online Strategy games are those where players usually place and maneuver military units and building constructions in order to secure a particular piece of land. In other words, they are where players try to conquer a world so that they are the last one standing out of all the players participating. Most of them involve players first creating a civilization or an empire and then creating a military and defending their empire as well as attack others.

Strategy games take a lot of time to master and most of them run in real time. This means that even when you are not on your computer, your civilization is still producing resources and military units. You can even have your military units do quests while you are not on your computer if you choose to do so.

Strategy style is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. This is a great genre and I believe it will continue to grow. Below we have put together a list of games that we have found similar ones to. In other words, we have picked a title, such as Civilization, and we have found free to play online games that are as closely related to it as possible. So if you clicked on the Civilization link, you would navigate to a page that gives you a list of games just like it and a description of each one. Don’t be afraid to check out some of them and leave us some feedback as to if it was what you were looking for or not.