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Games Like Street Fighter – Free To Play Online

street fighterLooking for games like Street Fighter? We have a great list for you to check out. The Street Fighter series are some of the most popular fighting games around the world. They first hit the markets in 1987 with the original coming out on arcade systems. The developers have since released over 10 different installments of these games in which the second one did the best making just over 1.5 billion dollars in Revenue around the world.

The Street Fighter games are fairly simple. Players take control of a character and simply compete against the best fighters around the world one on one. The player keeps doing this until he/she has defeated each and every fighter. Of course, with new games in this series coming out, each one has its own twist to it and different capabilities. For the sake of this review however, I will only talk about the original Street Fighter and what it was all about.

In the original game, players took the role of a character named Ryu. Ryu hs the ability to preform three different attacks against his opponents. These attacks where  the Hadouken, the Shoryuken and the Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku. Each of these attacks varied in type, speed and power. The way that players preformed the different attacks were simply by pressing certain button combinations on their controller. Ryu used these attacks to defeat his opponents one at a time in a 2D based setting and move up to the top of the leader board for best fighter in the world.

Since the orignal game, the developers have added many more attacks as well as opponents to fight. They have even added new game types as well. This series has become a well known one around the world and the developers have recongnized that. They are even coming out with a new installment soon called Street Fighter X Tekken. It is supposed to be the best one yet and I believe it will be a great success. For that reason as well as the series already being so popular, I have put together some games very similar to Street Fighter for you to check out.

Best Free Games Like Street Fighter Online

Pockie Ninja

pockie ninjaMy first impression on Pockie Ninja is that it is Street Fighter with mini people. No joke the game play of it is exactly the same except it features different moves/attacks and little animated characters. Pockie Ninja is completely free to play and it is browser based. Within Pockie Ninja players simply take control of a character of their choice and begin battling all of the other characters one on one in an arena which is on top of a mountain within the game. The graphics and design are just like that of Street Fighters. There are special attacks that can be used as well as weapons like cleavers or swords that can be used while fighting your opponents. Throughout the game, players can learn better moves/skills that can be used in the battles. Players also level up as they go through the game which makes them stronger and enables them to defeat stronger opponents. Another great thing about Pockie Ninja is that players can explore outside the city and battle evil enemies one on one if they would like instead of just battling within the arena against pre-selected opponents. This is a free game like Street Fighter and is definitely one you need to check out.

Features of Pockie Ninja 

  • Tons of skills and moves that can be learned for battle
  • Awesome animated characters from popular TV shows
  • Ability to navigate away from the arena to explore a vast world
  • Each character features different and unique skills
  • Completely free to play game and browser based
  • Ability to own a pet to fight along side of you