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Games Like The Sims – Free To Play Online

the simsAre you looking for any games like the Sims? If so then we have the perfect list for you. The Sims is a strategic life virtual computer game where the user (you) has control over one or more virtual persons and leads them through daily activities in a suburban household. In a more detailed explanation, the user directs and organizes his/her characters time to help them reach personal goals. These goals can be anything from job promotions to relationships.

This virtual game was first released in February of 2000 and sold over 6.3 million copies worldwide by March of 2002. There are now at least 7 expansion packs and sequels that have been released for this game. In 2000, The Sims won the Game of the Year Award from

Top Free Games Like The Sims

Virtual Families

virtual familiesThis is a casual family simulation game which is almost identical to The Sims. The user is in control of a whole family and can shape their personalities to however they prefer. Virtual Families runs in real time and has a ton of game features that its users have available to them.

Within the game there is a unique weather and day/night system. This system makes the weather within Virtual Families exactly like the weather where you live. It also makes it so that if it is night time where you are, then it is night time within the game.

virtual familiesAll family members are also completely trainable through scolding or praising methods within this game. They even have emotional systems and health systems built into them. If your family members get sick, then you must care them back to perfect health. All members of the family have status bars for everything you can imagine including emotions, hunger and tiredness.

Features of Virtual Families

  • Unique adoptees with hundreds of different combinations to choose from
  • Different types of weather as well as day/night cycles synchronized to your system clock. If it is dark out where you are it is dark out within Virtual Families!
  • People are fully trainable through the means of scolding or praising
  • Dynamic illness system
  • Hidden puzzles within the house that players can enjoy


IMVUIMVU is an online social entertainment destination or virtual world game in which members use 3D avatars to do a number of things including meeting new people, chatting and playing mini games. IMVU has over 50 million registered users and there are over 10 million unique visitors per month. It can easily be a game compared to The Sims but does have a different twist to it.

Features of IMVU

  • Member developed content
  • Members can create and sell virtual products
  • World’s largest virtual goods catalog
  • Customize your own individual homepage
  • Meet new people as well as chat and interact with others within the game

Second Life

second lifeWithin the Second Life game, players can truly experience and create anything they can imagine. Residents can explore the world, meet other virtual residentes, socialize with almost anyone, participate in individual and group activities and even create and trade virtual property and services with one another; play mini-games with friends, customize your living place and even your avatar as well as even attend live music performances! This is truly one of the best 3D social virtual world games online today and has nearly 1 million active users.

Features of Second Life

  • Build your own virtual objects with the three-dimensional modeling tool
  • No charge for creating a Second Life account
  • Avatars can take any form you choose (Human, Animal, Vampire, etc..)
  • Internal economy and currency (Players can buy and sell in game objects)
  • Own your own land and develop it however you want


woozworldWoozworld is a unique virtual world geared towards younger kids. This game allows players to virtually do whatever they want including things like throwing a party, create your own virtual space, make new friends and even fully customize your character. Woozworld brings everything that traditional virtual online games do and more.

Features of Woozworld

  • Create and customize your own virtual character
  • 100% safe and secure website
  • Diverse missions/quests to try out
  • Tons of animations and activities to check out

Habbo Hotel

habbo hotelHabbo Hotel is like an online social networking game site aimed towards teenagers. In short, players simply live in a hotel and live a virtual life within it. Things such as going to a dance club or a bar to get drinks are activities that players can take part in. Players are also given a guest room in which they can fully customize to their liking very much like you can in The Sims games. This game already has thousands of visitors and is becoming more popular all the time.

Features of Habbo hotel

  • Fully customizable living spaces
  • Play or even create your own mini games
  • Public rooms available to do activities like have a drink or dance
  • Online chat available

Virtual Villagers

virtual villagersVirtual Villagers was actually the basis for Virtual Families. In this game, a massive volcano has destroyed your village and now you must move and start over. The user must organize and grow the village to develop skills needed in order to survive. It is like The Sims but with an “older” look to it. Virtual Villagers has also been compared to the Club Penguin game as well.

Features of Virtual Villagers

  • Hundreds of customizable village characters
  • Breed and raise your own village and tribe
  • Unique and unpredictable “Island Events”  that keep it interesting
  • The ability to discover mysteries throughout the world
  • Players can control the destiny of all village survivors and even create their own adventure

Hopefully this guide helps you find all the games like the Sims that you are looking for. Also be sure to check back often as we will be updating this list with new games as they become available!