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There GameThere is an amazing 3D online virtual world where players can create their own 3D avatars and do things such as hangout and chat with online friends in real time. It is pretty much exactly the same as all other virtual online world games but does have some unique characteristics and does cost money to play. It costs $10 a month which is pushing people away form this very popular online game.

There is a game where players can get away from their everyday stressful lives and live a more free and easy life online. If you imagine it then it can come true within There. It truly brings out how you are feeling the day you are playing. If you feel great in real life then you can feel great within the game. If you are feeling not so friendly then There can emphasize that. It is just to bad that it is not free. However, trust me when i tell you that there are endless amounts of free virtual world games online and we have listed a few of the more popular ones below.

Top Free Games Like There


IMVUIMVU is an online social game and entertainment site that is mostly geared towards women. Players can dress up their avatars, shop, and even decorate their homes to their liking. There are other features available such as mini games and chatting online with friends as well. This is truly a game where you create your own fantasy and the opportunities are endless. There are already over 50 million players registered at IMVU and it is continuing to grow.

Features of IMVU

  • Game available worldwide and features players from more than 88 different countries
  • Features the worlds largest virtual goods catalog
  • All in game goods are created by users like yourself
  • Create and sell your own virtual products
  • Unique in game economy with a virtual currency system

Second Life

second lifeSecond Life is an online virtual world for ages 16 and up. Players control their own character and pretty much live their life like they want to! Do things such as interact with others, shop for and give your avatar his/her own style, and even design your own home. The options are nearly endless within Second Life.

Features of Second Life

  • Use the three-dimensional modeling tool to build different objects
  • Free to create an account
  • Choose an avatar to fit your own style (Human, Animal, Vampire, etc..)
  • Has its own internal economy and currency (Players can buy and sell in game objects)
  • Purchase your own piece of land and develop it how you want to

Virtual Families

virtual familiesVirtual Families is more of a casual family simulation game rather than an online virtual world but it truly allows you to do pretty much the same things. This game allows users to do things such as meet a spouse, start a family, customize your house to your liking and even play mini games within your home. Players can fully train their virtual families through the use of praising and scolding. Virtual Families is very comparable to a game like The Sims and is a fun and exciting game for everyone.

Features of Virtual Families

  • Unique and fascinating family members from thousands of combinations to choose from
  • Runs in complete real time
  • Dynamic illness system allowing you to care for your family
  • Day and night cycles as well as weather comparable to what is going on where you live
  • Hidden puzzles and games around the house


onverseOnverse is another 3D virtual world which is full of friends and fun. Players choose their own character and then participate in things such as exploring the world, decorating houses, shopping, interacting with pets and much more. This is a great online game if creativity and excitement is your cup of tea!

Features of Onverse

  • Large amount of free content including clothing and furniture
  • Wide Variety of Games and puzzles to play
  • Chat availability as well as in game interaction
  • In game competitions and events with rewards

Oz World

oz worldOz World is an older online virtual world game in which the popularity has died a bit. Even so, it still has a small group of users. Within Oz World, players can fish, explore, and even interact with others and play mini games. They can also get married and buy a house in which they can specialize it to their liking.

Features of Oz World

  • In depth fishing feature
  • Ability to customize your avatar to your liking
  • Chat with anyone playing the game around the world
  • Player housing with ability to customize


kanevaKaneva is a virtual game world where players can hang out and make new friends. The game is full of great hangouts and hot entertainment spots. Players can take their avatars to shopping centers, build dream homes, and even play games. Bringing your imagination to Kaneva is a must like most Virtual online worlds!

Features of Kaneva

  • Full of fun and exciting activities such as shopping and dancing
  • Exclusive online events held weekly
  • Free 3D homes for everyone
  • Ability to build a community hangout and share it with everyone

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