Games Like Torchlight – Free To Play Online

About Torchlight

Are you trying to find some free games like Torchlight online? If you are, then the list below is just what you are looking for. Torchlight is a PC and Xbox 360 action packed role playing game first published in 2009. It is played mostly like Diablo in the sense that its played from an overhead view and but still has 3 dimensional graphics. Within Torchlight, players simply control a “hero” whom is exploring dungeon after dungeon fighting against multiple types of enemies while also collecting gold, equipment and other items.

For the most part, players follow a unique story line leading them to different dungeons. Within this story line, players battle against different bosses and complete different quests. While playing the game, players also have the option to take on side quests if they would like and leave the original story line. However, they can jump back to it at any time.

One main feature of Torchlight is the town that serves as a “hub” for the player playing the game. In this town, players can buy and sell items to non player characters and even obtain the side quests that I mentioned above. Of course if you have played Torchlight you know  most all of this. Anyway, because the Torchlight game is so good and has become so popular, I have put together a great list of games like Torchlight that can be played for free online.

Best Free Online Games Like Torchlight

Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic is a massively multiplayer online role playing game with graphics and game play just like that of Torchlight. The great thing about this amazing game is that there are over 600 quests for players to take part in and complete. Players can take on these quests by themselves or with friends online if they would like. Most of these quests involve players exploring dungeons and battling evil monsters and others are simple tasks that need done around the land. Runes of Magic has tons of great features to check out with one of the big ones being the multi-class system. This system allows players to choose up to three different classes for their characters so that the special moves and attacks never get old and stale. This is our first choice of games like torchlight and is definitely a game you need to check out.

Features of Runes of Magic

  • Over 600 different and unique quests to complete
  • Already over 2,000,000 players have played Runes of Magic
  • Very Unique Multi-Class system
  • Great in game character customization
  • Huge and vast game world

League of Legends

league of legendsLeague of Legends is more of a game where you battle with a team against other players within the game. Still, it has many similarities to Torchlight such as the graphics, the battle types and the amazing game play. It might not be exactly what you are looking for but if you give it a try I bet you will be hooked. Main game play involves teams of 3 vs 3 battling one another until they destroy the other base. However, there are side quests to check out if that’s not what you are looking for! Check it out yourself and see what you think!

Features of League of Legends

  • A character’s statistics are tracked and are accessible for the player to view
  • Over 10 different game modes to choose from
  • Maximum level of 30
  • 10 different characters to choose from