Total War

Games Like Total War – Free To Play Online

Total WarTotal War is a strategy based game that involves resource management and lets you control tactical battles in real time.  The first game of the Total War series was released in 2000, and the most recent was released on March 15, 2011.

Total war is a series of different games, in which all take place in a different setting and era. Total war games include Shogun, Medieval, Rome, Medieval II, Empire, Napoleon, and Shogun II. Playing this game takes time and strategy. When you start the game, you need to find a place to settle down and build your city into a territory. To expand, you need to collect resources and achieve points to unlock different objectives. Furthermore, Total War lets you control your own battles from the front of the lines. Before each battle you get to choose from a variety of troop options; however, you need to strategically place your troops to defeat your enemies.

Total War is an awesome game and we have therefore put together a list of closely related games to it. Check them out and leave us some feedback on your experience. Each game brings something unique to the table but they are all strategy based games.

Top Free to Play Online Games like Total War

Castle Empire Online

castle empireCastle Empire Online is a free to play browser game similar to Total War. The game was developed by a company based in Germany and was recently awarded as the “Best Online Browser Game” at the German Computer Game Award Ceremony. Playing Castle Empire lets you start fresh by finding uninhabited land and settling down. To start you must find a piece of land that you would like to settle down in and then you have to clear the land by cutting down trees. Cutting down trees can be an issue at times; however, there are foresters that plant seeds while you are cutting them down. Furthermore, you must strategically settle down, collect resources and build workshops to grow.  There are several different resources to collect; in which all have a distinct purpose for the game.

Castle Empire Online is based on an advancement system. This means that as you accumulate more experience points you will get close to advancing to the next level. At different levels, you are able to unlock different objectives and objects such as new buildings. You can gather points by accomplishing different quests throughout the game. There are many different quests to gain points and to expand your territory. One way to expand your territory is to send out explorers to gather information about different pieces of land. Besides expanding your territory, you need to worry about the security of it as well. During game play there are countless number of robbers waiting to take down your workshops and houses so keep any eye out for them.

On the battle side of it, the choices are endless. There are a total of nine different troops you have to choose from, including skillful gunners to new recruits. Everyone involved in the battle will automatically be placed. Of course, infantries will be in front of the rangers; however, you should consider placing some skilled worriers in the mix of your army to control your worst enemies.

If you are looking for a game similar to Total War our team encourages you to check out Castle Empire. Not only does it have many of the same features that Total War offers but also it is completely free to play.

Chronicles of Merlin

chronicles of merlinChronicles of Merlin is another great exploration battle and conquer game like Total War. In Chronicles of Merlin you get to experience with many different features including playing with swords, bows and arrows, unlock new armor, build castles and best of all attack your enemies to expand your territory. This game has many different tasks that need to be completed by yourself; besides attacking your enemies to expand you territory, you will have to keep any eye out for bandits from damaging your city as well. The battles are relatively easily; however, the focus is to make sure that your heroes are leveling up in their training so you can get the best armor and weapons.

Features of Chronicles of Merlin

  • In depth tasks to complete
  • Level up your hero’s training
  • Use gold to purchase features
  • Experience with many different weapons and armor