Games like Travian – Free To Play Online

TravianTravian is one of the oldest browser based strategy games around. At the beginning of the game, you get to choose from three tribes to form alliances, go to war with each other, and begin the race to claim victory. The three tribes consist of the Romans, the Gauls, and the Teutons. Before choosing a tribe to play with, you should take time to consider your options because each tribe has different strengths and weaknesses. All three tribes also have ten unique military units to control during battle.

Travian is based in the Roman age, and at the start of the game you are given an undeveloped town and have to build it into a global empire before a specific period. Depending on the server every 100 to 300 days the server enters in to end of the game mode in which an NPC controls the tribe Natars and it continually sends out its military units to stop you from growing your empire. If you successfully hold off Natar’s military units and can fully construct what is called a “wonder” you beat the game and the server starts over.

Best Free Online Games like Travian

Castle Empire: The Settlers

castle empireCastle Empire brings many of the same features that Travian offers including its graphics but it is free to play. It is a 2D browser based strategy game created by Ubisoft; the same company that developed Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms. Like other browser based strategy games your objective is to control a group of settlers to turn an undeveloped town into an empire. Castle Empire’s game play consists of many different features. To grow your city you must explore and send workers to the forests to find resources. The more resources you find the faster you can grow your city; each resource has a distinct purpose. If you think you have what it takes to build a global empire our team encourages you to try this game out.

Features of Castle Empire

  • Built around a classic system of advancement
  • Many unique resources to find
  • 9 different military units to use for battle
  • Create roads to connect all your cities

Thirst of Night

thirst of nightIf you are looking for a new browser city building game similar to Travian then look no further than Thirst of Night. Thirst of Night is a browser based game developed by Kabam with a unique twist to it. Instead of playing with a normal civilization, Thirst of Night is based off a vampire based theme. This game is a great combination for the gamers who enjoy playing horror games and for those who love playing strategy games. In the beginning of the game, you are presented with a map of the city, in which each portion is available for conquest through military force or economic means.  In Thirst of Night, there are many different tasks to complete, once you complete a task more features open up such as weaponry and different skills.

Features of Thirst of Night

  • Vampire themed strategy building empire game with unique features
  • Manage tax levels to increase your cities wealth
  • Complete tasks one at a time
  • Many different troops to choose from for battling