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About Tribal Wars

Are you looking for some great free games like Tribal Wars that can be played online? Well if you are then you have come to the right place. As you probably already know, Tribal Wars is an online browser based massively multiplayer real time strategy game. It is set in the Middle Ages and the game is fairly simple. Players start out by taking control of a small village with one goal in mind, world domination.

Throughout the game, players grow their village while also growing the size of their warriors or army. When players think the time is right, they can send this army out and start taking over other tribes or villages. Tribal Wars was first released in Germany in 2003 and released internationally in 2006. It has sense blown up and become very popular. For that reason, I have found some amazing games that relate very closely to Tribal Wars and believe everyone should try them out. Check out the list below.

Games Like Tribal Wars – Free To Play Online

The Settlers: Castle Empire

Castle Empire is a free to play online strategy game with no download required. The basis behind this game is simple; players take control of a small group of pioneers that have just found a completely uninhabited land. These pioneers are rushing to build a village, settle in and begin to explore the area. While establishing the village, players also need to secure resources and build specific buildings that they will need later down the road such as workshops.

Players also want to start building their army as soon as possible before other armies or looters find their village and attack it. There are nine different troop types ranging from basic trainees to expert gunners. There are also robber bosses that you will face throughout the game that may have some special attacks that you need to watch out for. I don’t want to ruin everything for you before you try the game so check out some features below and enjoy!

Features of The Settlers: Castle Empire

  • Completely Browser Based with no download required
  • Armies can consist of 9 different troop types
  • Tons of tasks and quests to complete
  • Play against other players online


Grepolis is a massively multiplayer online 2D strategy game that is also completely browser based. This game is set in Ancient Greece and has the same gameplay that most online strategy games do; build a city and take over the world with your army.

Grepolis features three main resources that are the base of everything else in the game. These resources are Wood, Rock, and Silver. Each one of these require a separate building to produce and are all used for different things throughout the game. There are a ton of troop types within Grepolis which include land and naval based troops as well as mythological troops or creatures. This game is very well put together and is definitely worth checking out.

Features of Grepolis

  • Complete free to play and browser based
  • Varied unit types including land troops, naval ships and mythological creatures
  • Ability to battle non-player characters as well as other players online
  • Very easy to learn and play

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