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Games Like Yu Gi Oh – Free To Play Online

yu gi oh onlineWhen looking for games like Yu Gi Oh, we are your best source. YuGiOh! Online: Duel Accelerator is a 2D massively multiplayer online trading card game where players start with a collection of cards and go on designing their own duel monsters deck in which to defeat their opponents with. YuGiOh Online reproduces the real life version of the famous card game allowing players to not only play against their friends, but also play people across the world.

Within the game, there are many computer players that users can battle against but the real attraction truly is being able to challenge real players one on one or even in tournaments. The only downfall of the online version of Yu Gi Oh is that in order for players to get booster packs and pre-made decks, they must purchase them online for real money. Besides that, players do have the ability to customize their avatars appearance as well as chose different deck protectors and trade cards with other players if they so choose.

There is one way to get booster packs without paying real money but it is a bit outrageous. Players can trade 50 of their cards for one upgraded or more powerful card if they so choose. If you ask me this is a bit of a rip off! For that reason I have went out and found some games like YuGiOh online which are completely free to play and very fun.

Top Online Games Like YUGIOH – Free To Play

Urban Rivals

urban rivalsUrban Rivals is a free to play massively multiplayer online collectible card game. It features hundreds of different characters to discover, collect and develop while at the same time challenging players across the world. Players can level up their characters, improve their skills and even unlock amazing powers and card bonuses.

There have been over 15 million players to check this game out already and it has left a great impression on all of them. There is no download required and if you ask me it has just as much if not more to offer than Yu Gi Oh! Each card within Urban Rivals represents a character who has specific power and damage values. Each character is part of a clan and has different powers according to this clan.

Features of Urban Rivals

  • Completely free to play and no download required
  • Every other hour there are one hour tournaments where players have the opportunity to win free credits
  • Ability to play against players from all around the world
  • Over 400 different characters
  • Ability to create and organize your own guild