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Games Like Zelda – Free To Play Online

zelda gameIf you are looking for a list of games like Zelda then you have come to the right website. The Legend of Zelda is a fantasy action-adventure game originally made for the Nintendo entertainment system (regular Nintendo). Since then, Zelda has been made for and realeased for all Nintendo systems including the most recent, the Wii system.

These games themselves feature a mix of battles, adventure, exploration, and more in which has been kept pretty constant through all the different versions. Players can also go on side quests and explore the world  freely which does not actually have to be done to beat the game.

Weapons that are used throughout these games include swords, bow and arrows, bombs, and even sling shots. Dungeons, castles and towns are just a few of the places that players visit within the world. There are boundaries to what players can explore within as well, but then again, don’t all games have some sort of boundaries? This series has truly been a huge hit to all ages and will continue to do so.

It is tough to get a list of games like Zelda since they have changed so much; going from a 2D adventure type to a 3D role playing/adventure type. Below I have compiled a list that may be to your liking if Zelda was one of your favorites. Enjoy!

Top Online Games Like Zelda Free-


Fiesta Online is another great massively multiplayer online role playing game.  It has only three starting classes but each one has two job advancements; one at level 20 and the other at level 60.  Fiesta’s most notable features are its amazingly eye catching graphics and its solid item crafting system. There is also a ton of other features to check out within Fiesta but you need to take a look for yourself!

Features of Fiesta

  • Very animated styled graphics making Fiesta have a great look and design
  • Great item crafting and resource gathering system letting you build your own weapons
  • Awesome designed interface and easy to use
  • Completely free to play online
  • Player vs player battles available
  • Solid skill progression system in place


Florensia is a fantasy based role playing game that features both on land game play as well as at sea. With countless islands and a vast ocean to explore, players do not easily get bored playing Florensia. There are 12 character classes available for players to choose from as well as 5 different ship types. Players can level up both their characters and their ship within Florensia which makes for a unique MMORPG style.

Features of Florensia

  • Some of the best graphics of any MMORPG
  • Ability to play on land or at sea
  • Get to own your own ship and level it up like you do your character
  • 12 different playable classes
  • Great skill tree system in place

Allods Online

Allods Online is another massively multiplayer online role playing game set in a fantasy world with 3D graphics. It is known for its role playing elements such as quests, non-character players and dungeons that can be raided and explored. Not only can players participate in those features of the game, but they can also interact with online players and take part in battles with them or go on quests with them.

Features of Allods Online

  • Beautifully designed and graphical world
  • Tons of quests to check out
  • Unique monster designs unlike other MMORPG’s
  • Very in depth story line
  • 8 different playable classes

Sacred Seasons 2

Sacred Seasons 2 is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that allows players to go on quests, solve puzzles and fight various monsters. As players progress through Sacred Seasons 2 they can unlock different classes of characters as well as upgrade weapons and armor with experience.

Runes of Magic

This is a massively multiplayer online role playing game where players roam a land full of magical creatures. It can be chosen to be played while interacting with other players online or you can choose to go on quests and raid dungeons on your own if you want. Runes of Magic has many features including PvP combat as well as magical pets.

Warrior Epic

Warrior Epic is an action role playing game also set in a 3D fantasy world. Instead of going at this game alone, players group up with four others to participate in dozens of missions that take place in settings such as deserts, tombs, and jungles. Warrior Epic has six classes of unique characters to choose from. Who will you be?

Perfect World

Perfect World is a 3D adventure/fantasy massively multiplayer online role playing game with some of the best character customization of all MMORPG’s. Going on quests is key within Perfect World for players gain experience and level up from doing so. This allows players to then upgrade and modify their weapons to their liking as well as purchase new weapons. Perfect World offers many features as well as multiple game modes.


NosTale is a  2D anime styled fantasy based massively multiplayer online role playing game. In NosTale, players have the ability to catch and train various pets, decorate and style their homes to their liking as well as complete long story driven quest lines that are known as Acts. NosTale features simple game play and an easy to use interface as well.